Tourtoirac at 1,2 km from the campsite

On the banks of the Auvezère river with its islet, the village Tourtoirac is dominated by the Abbey and the 11th century church. In the enclosure, a museum is dedicated to the King of Araucania and Patagonia. The cliff and the deposit testify to an important prehistoric activity.

les tourterelles grottes tourtoirac

The caves of Tourtoirac

Even though Touroirac is not that big, it has a rich history. This can be seen, among other things, at the caves in this village. Accompanied by a Dutch, English or French guide you will learn everything about the discovery of the cave and the different types of dripstones, stalactites and stalagmites. Fun for both young and old!


Sarlat-la-Canéda, also known as Sarlat, is a 45-minute drive from the campsite. It is a big city, with many shops, restaurants and cafes. On Saturday mornings there is a large marketplace where they sell a large variety of local products.

Place of the freedom of Sarlat la Canéda at its old market in the medieval chappelle

Hautefort at 8 km from the campsite

You will be seduced by the harmony of the village which spreads out around the ramparts of its imposing castle. The narrow streets lined with flowered houses, the shaded courtyards, the welcoming squares enhance the heritage.


Hautefort Castle

For lovers of the Middle Ages, Périgord is the region of a thousand and one castles! Hautefort castle and its French gardens, Bourdeilles castle, Castelnaud castle and that of Milandes will allow you to travel back in time and discover life in the Middle Ages.

chateau hautefort dordogne tourtoirac
View on the old town of Terrasson-Lavilledieu


Terrasson is located on a mountain with a beautiful church as its highlight. Those who choose to drive or walk up the mountain from the other side will be rewared with a beautiful view of the city and the rest of the Dordogne. For the people that want to see how chocolate is made there is chocolate museum where you can make and taste your own chocolate.


Perigueux is the capital of the Dordogne. It is romantic city with nice shops and small boutiques. The city is easy to get to and is about a 30 minute drive from the campsite. The city also has an area dedicated to large shopping centers. Shop fun guaranteed!

White streets of Périgueux during the MIMOS MNOP festival period
View of Brantôme, Venise of Périgord


Brantôme sometimes known as the Venice of Perigord. This romantic town is surrounded by water and definitely worth a visit.

Tradition of flavors

For gourmands, Périgord is the place of gastronomy, its secrets of making truffle omelettes, porcini mushrooms, chanterelles or walnut oil are tasted with foie gras in all its forms. The gourmet visitor will leave their mouth full of unforgettable memories and flavors.


Typical markets and antique shop

France would not be France if it didn’t have one. Our markets and antique shops in the Perigord are typical, traditional and authentic. You are bound to find what you are looking for.


Nature activities

Let nature offer itself to you without concession, recharge your batteries at your own pace. On foot or by mountain bike on marked trails through the Perigord landscapes.



Lovers of golf will not fall short during the holidays. Near the campsite is a beautiful golf course where you can hit a few balls.


There are many lakes, rivers and fishingponds in the area. These waters have many different species of fish and they are rich in fish. For those who are interested in throwing some fish on the barbecue in the evening, there are special fishingponds full of fresh fish. It is required that you bring your own fishingrod to be able to fish here. You can buy quality fishingrods for a reasonable price in the area.


Canoeing, climbing and speleology

In the nearby area of our campsite Vert’Auvézère will provide various activities. You can explore the Dordogne by canoe or go rock climbing with the guidance of experts. For nature and cave lovers they organize speleology: climbing through the caves of Tourtoirac while learning all about the different types of rocks, soil and more.


Forest climbing park

Real daredevils can enjoy themselves in a forest climbing park near the campsite. The park has a dozen or so courses, including easy courses, difficult courses and courses for children. Fear of heights is not convenient here, because you can imagine yourself swinging and clambering up to some meters high in the trees.

The climbing park is equipped with a special safety mechanism. Safety guaranteed at this park.