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Our partners

Tourist and sport activities

Hautefort Tourist office

In Vézère Périgord Noir, you can go back up the historical frieze where each period of history has left its mark, from prehistoric shelters to Romanesque churches, from Templar commanderies to medieval castles.


Excideuil Tourist office


Built around a monastery founded in the 10th century on a hillside, the village of Excideuil dominates the Vallée de la Loue. The vestiges of its enclosure, once bathed by ditches and with five gates controlling the entrance, remind us that, sheltered from the imposing keep of the castle, Excideuil obtained the label “Petite cité de caractère in 2019”.

les tourterelles grottes tourtoirac

Tourtoirac Cave

Discovered on January 28, 1995 by the Perigordian speleologist Jean-Luc Sirieix, after a series of explorations of a narrow and totally submerged subterranean gut that comes out at the foot of a cliff. The cave is qualified by many speleologists as the Geological Pearl of Perigord.


Hautefort Castle

Gradually abandoning its defensive apparatus for the sake of classical architecture, the castle reflects the rank and power of the Marquis de Hautefort. This furnished building preserves a remarkable collection of furniture from the 17th and 18th centuries.

The castle of Hautefort is particularly known for its gardens, designed by the Compte de Choulot, consisting of a large English-style park and French-style embroidered gardens. The gardens of the castle offer varied views of the countryside and surrounding villages.

chateau hautefort dordogne tourtoirac


Vert’Auvézère proposes you activities of Canoe, Kayak, Climbing, Speleology and Orientation courses in Green Perigord.


L'appel de la forêt

Located in Thenon, a few kilometers from the Tourterelles campsite, the call of the forest is one of the most beautiful by it accrobranche de nouvelle-aquitaine and thus of Dordogne. Go on an adventure with your family.


Producteurs locaux

logo des jardins de boscornut

Jardins de Boscornut

Settled in the Dordogne since 2016 David and Sylvie, offer for sale, seasonal vegetables, eggs and chickens.

Located in the village of Boscornut, in Sainte-Orse (village near Thenon).


Le JArdin enchampté de Lola

Located in Mayac (24), organic market gardening, seasonal vegetables, aromatic, edible flowers, plants.

Present on the market of Hautefort on Wednesday morning and on the market of Excideuil on Thursday morning.

Logo jardin enchampté
Vergers de la guillou logo

Les vergers de la Guillou

Family farm specializing in nuciculture, and the local pride of the Noix AOP du Périgord.
Aux vergers de La Guillou, the “Franquette” variety is mainly cultivated but there are still some walnut trees “Corne”, those that the storm of 1999 kindly spared!

At a time when agri-food products pose more and more uncertainties as to their composition and origins, the vergers de La Guillou have adopted a natural approach to their oil: here, only walnuts from their own production are processed, which guarantees total control over the quality of the walnut oil.

Five kilograms of walnuts in shell give about one liter of oil.


La noix patiente

Partner of the Route de la Noix, come and discover the Périgord walnut at Lucette and Michel Dubreuil-Lachaud’s.

You will be able to taste walnut pralines coated with a light caramel, walnut macaroons, soft cakes, walnut confit to be eaten on a slice of bread, salted toasted kernels to be crunched during the aperitif, as well as toasts covered with “noisade” without forgetting their exceptional walnut oil pressed in their artisanal press.

logo la Noix patiente
Logo Brasserie du Chanoine

La brasserie du Chanoine

Artisanal and biological brewery located in Hautefort, at the foot of the castle ramparts. Founded in 2015, the brewery has an approach completely turned towards sustainable development. Since its creation, the brewery has been striving from brew to brew to develop beers that are increasingly sought-after in terms of flavors with optimal quality as a result.


Le domaine de la Crouzille

Located in the Périgord Noir region, Aurélien and Sandra Mahé-Rieux are artisanal preservers who ensure the preparation of traditional Périgord recipes based on duck and pork. Since 3 years, Sandra has taken over the management of the cannery and perpetuates the authentic Périgourdin know-how by offering a range of quality products, boosting the short circuits.

Logo la crouzille
Farm productions: Sheep, geese, ducks, ornamental hens, deer, doe, Vietnamese pigs, swan, peacock, ostrich, emu...

La Ferme de la garenne


Typical Perigord farmhouse located at the end of a winding path through a forest. At the edge of the wood, herds of deer welcome you. Reception all year round and visit of the farm with demonstration of force-feeding. Sale of farm products on the spot: canned geese and ducks (foie gras, confit…), fallow deer and deer. Possibility of a forest walk in a bucolic setting in the middle of poultry, ostriches, emu, Vietnamese pigs…


Autres partenaires locaux

Logo Horrya


Cooperative Production Worker Company located in the small neighboring village of Hautefort.

Multiservice IT, communication agency and video game developer, this committed company is also our partner in terms of IT services.